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      環天世紀|HTGNSS專注于GNSS定位、導航解決方案提供商。電話:0755-32922654  18682006237


      網站首頁 > GPS模塊


        • 型號:HT-1818-G 天線二合一GNSS模組
        • 尺寸:18.4(w)mmX18.4(d)mmX6.5/4.5(h)mm


        1. 產品參數詳情
        2. 文檔下載


        • Build on high performance GPS single chip

        • High Sensitivity -163 dBm

        • Low power consumption: Max 40mA@3.3V

        • Integrated LNA with low-gain mode for active antenna option

        • 56 channels in Search mode and 22 channels "All-in-View" tracking

        • Up to 60,000 simultaneous search windows for fast TTFF and high sensitivity acquisitions

        • Average cold start time under 29seconds(open sky)

        • Support standard NMEA-0183 and UBLOX protocol

        • Size:18.4(w)mmX18.4(d)mmX6.5/4.5(h)mm

        • RoHS compliant (Lead-free)

        Product Application

        • Handheld GPS receiver application

        • Ideal for PDA, Pocket PC and other consumer devices requiring Positioning capability

        • Geographic Surveying

        • Sports and Recreation

        • Marine Navigation, Fleet Management

        • Automotive application

        • Car navigation and tracking

        • AVL and Location-Based Services

        • Timing application

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