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      環天世紀|HTGNSS專注于GNSS定位、導航解決方案提供商。電話:0755-32922654  18682006237


      網站首頁 > GPS模塊

        HT-2525-G 天線二合一模組

        • 型號:HT-2525-G
        • 尺寸:25×25×7/5mm


        1. 產品參數詳情
        2. 文檔下載

         Over view

        HT-2525-G is a GPS receiver build-in high performances -165dBm GPS chipset.HT-2525-G provides customer high position, velocity and time accuracy performances aswell as high sensitivity and tracking capabilities. Customers benefit from the strength ofboth companies. Thanks to the low power consumption technology, the GPS receiver is idealfor many portable applications such as PDA, Tablet PC, smart phone etc.


        Build on high performance GPS single chip UBX-G7020

        High Sensitivity -165 dBm

        Low power consumption: Max 55mA@3.3V

        Integrated LNA with low-gain mode for active antenna option

        56 channels in Search mode and 22 channels "All-in-View" tracking

        Up to 60,000 simultaneous search windows for fast TTFF and high sensitivity acquisitions

        Average cold start time under 29seconds(open sky)

        Support standard NMEA-0183 and UBLOX binary protocol

        Patch Antenna Size:25.4(w)mmX25.4(d)mmX4(h)mm

        RoHS compliant (Lead-free)

        Product Application

        Handheld GPS receiver application

        Ideal for PDA, Pocket PC and other consumer devices requiring Positioning capability

        Geographic Surveying

        Sports and Recreation

        Marine Navigation, Fleet Management

        Automotive application

        Car navigation and tracking

        AVL and Location-Based Services

        Timing application

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